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Pharmacy Management

The Member-Centric Approach of Pharmacy Management 

FresHealth Select's Pharmacy Management

Your Prescription For Healthcare Cost Control

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, the unsustainable cost of prescription drugs is having a negative impact on the healthcare system. Just in the past 5 years, prescription drug costs have increased by 35%.

The Freshour Group understands the significance of this challenge, and we have made it our mission to provide a solution that not only optimizes plan spending but also elevates the quality of care members receive.

FresHealth Select’s Solution

We have partnered with an innovative, tech-driven prescription benefits organization that focuses on lowering costs.

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FresHealth Select Maximizes Your Savings

FresHealth Savings

Our Pharmacy Management is a prescription for financial wellness. Discover how we optimize spending while enhancing your healthcare experience.

Key Features of Pharmacy Management

Proactive Plan Management

We prioritize your well-being and financial health. Our Pharmacy Management blends transparent pricing, proactive plan management, and an advocate program for specialty medications, ensuring both cost-efficiency and top-quality care for our valued members.

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Proactive Plan Management

Cost-Effective Care

Our Pharmacy Management program with FresHealth Select brings a range of benefits to our valued clients and members. We’re dedicated to enhancing your healthcare experience while ensuring cost-effectiveness:

The Impact of Pharmacy Management

Confidence Of Care

Pharmacy Management isn’t just a concept; it’s a transformative approach that reshapes the healthcare landscape. At FresHealth Select, we’ve witnessed the profound effects it has on our clients and members:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Management is a strategic approach to controlling and managing the overall costs of providing prescription drug benefits. Both the employer and member will enjoy reduced costs in obtaining medications.
No, our focus is obtaining medications at the lowest possible cost without mark-ups. There are certain medications that are not even charged to the plan and the member will have a $0 copay or a $5 copay. Our PBM charges a PEPM fee for their services which is paid as a claim. In addition, there are no script fees charged with our program.
Our advocate program helps eligible members access certain specialty drugs with low to no copays, significantly reducing the financial burden. Our concierge team will work with the member to see if they meet the criteria and are eligible to participate.
Pharmacy Management ensures true cost savings based on our proactive plan management, which results in less dollars being spent from the claims fund account.

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