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Medical Management

Efficiently coordinating healthcare for better outcomes.

The Power of Care Coordination

Healthcare Redefined

Efficient care coordination is the linchpin of successful healthcare, ensuring patients receive the right care at the right time.

At The Freshour Group, we prioritize streamlined care coordination as it significantly impacts health outcomes. Our commitment to optimizing care coordination translates to a healthcare experience marked by seamless coordination and improved access to care. We understand that navigating healthcare systems can be challenging, and our mission is to simplify this process for our members.

With FresHealth Select, we make it possible for you to provide a healthcare journey that not only enhances your clients’ health but also minimizes the complexities often associated with healthcare, making their well-being everyone’s top priority.

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Reduction in Healthcare Costs
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Care Coordination Services

Transforming Healthcare for Your Clients

At The Freshour Group, we’re dedicated to streamlining care coordination for brokers and advisors. Our comprehensive services are tailored to enhance health outcomes, and our expert care coordination team is here to support you every step of the way on your clients’ healthcare journey.

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Confidence Of Care

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Group Health Plans Tailored To Employers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FresHealth Select Program is a comprehensive medical management solution. It benefits clients by optimizing care coordination, enhancing health outcomes, reducing costs, and providing a smoother healthcare experience.
Our program includes services like preauthorization, case management, disease management, medication management, provider coordination, and health education. These services ensure clients receive the best possible care.
Brokers and advisors can partner with us to integrate the FresHealth Select Program seamlessly into their client offerings. We provide tailored solutions, expert guidance, and support to enhance their services.
Our program stands out for its comprehensive approach, dedication to cost savings, and commitment to client satisfaction. We focus on optimizing care coordination, reducing costs, and delivering excellent outcomes for clients.

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